CFRP/GFRP/BFRP - Rods & Profiles

Rods and profiles made of CFRP, GFRP and BFRP

Our rods and profiles made of carbon, glass and basalt fibre-reinforced plastic are manufactured using pultrusion technology - i.e. extruded. The fibre volume ratio is between 55 and 70% - depending on the type of production. Epoxy resin, polyester resin or vinyl ester resin serve as the matrix. The fibre alignment is unidirectional, i.e. the fibres run in axial direction.

Drilling, chamfering and grooving as well as bonding with various materials are part of our core competence.

The standard length of a CFRP rod is 2000 mm. Special designs are possible up to 6000 mm.

Carbon fibre reinforced rods
(CFRP rods)

Carbon rovings are drawn in a closed system. All fibres run in the longitudinal direction of the rods. The surface of the CFRP rods is smooth after the process, with a tolerance of ± 0.1 mm. In order to achieve a tolerance of ± 0.03 mm, we subsequently process the rods with our centreless grinding machines. You will receive from CG TEC:

These rods can be produced up to a diameter of 20.0 mm and have an E-modulus of 125,000 MPa. A combination of different CFRP fibres is possible at any time upon customer request!

These bars are characterised by a very high modulus of elasticity and thus exhibit enormous rigidity.

Glass fibre reinforced rods & profiles (GFRP rods)

In pultrusion (strand drawing), glass fibres are soaked in a resin bath and drawn through various stations by means of a caterpillar.

With this process, we draw GFRP rods with a diameter of 1.0 mm to 27 mm and a customised length of up to 6000 mm. The rods are then ground cylindrically or conically on request, and painted or printed as required. Wiring elements for signal transmission can be easily integrated.

• Antennas
• Sports articles (e.g. swing bars)
• Riding whips
• Pointer rods
• Technical brushes

CG TEC manufactures different profiles such as flat, oval, rectangular and round profiles. The surface is smooth and does not need to be further processed. Profiles up to a maximum cross-section of 260 mm² and a customised length of up to 6000 mm can be manufactured.

•  Stiffening rods for convertible roofs
• Filter technologies
• Model making
• Cable technology

Endless rods made of GFRP and BFRP

GFRP and BFRP endless rods are available from CG TEC with diameters from 1.0 to 10.0 mm and wound on drums. A diagonal or cross winding on the surface guarantees optimum strength with very high flexibility. The integration of copper, fibre optic or coaxial conductors according to individual specifications is part of our core competence.

Fluorescent Rods & Profiles

The mixture of pigments, an adapted resin system and special fillers developed for pultrusion technology in combination with an individual curing cycle results in luminescent GFRP rods. This production process is a new development that was developed together with the pigment manufacturer.

The grain size is a decisive factor for the luminosity and duration. This is between 10 - 65 µm.

  • based on strontium aluminate
  • Higher and longer luminosity (several hours)
  • Absolutely non-toxic and free from chemicals of concern
  • different colours
  • Fiber Divider
  • Runway demarcation
  • Fibreglass arrows, crossbow bolts
  • Snow poles

UHP Ultra High Precision means highest quality standard, according to ISO 9001 - Made in Germany. 

This is achieved by using high-quality, traceable fibres and resin systems in combination with our reproducible production technology based on our quality management system. With these lines, we always guarantee consistently high quality and precision in standardised processes. You have the certainty that from the first to the last part, the raw materials, quality and support are always at a consistently high level and do not change over the years.

UHP Ultra High Precision Line for greater transparency and security in the quality of composite products.

Fiber composite rods are reliable building materials with high innovative strength. The excellent material properties of the carbon-, glass and basalt fiber-rods abvious. They replace tried and tested materials such as aluminium and steel and open up completely new perspectives and possibilities. With their unique properties round bars, rectangular profiles and flat bars have become irreplaceable in a wide variety of industries. In modeling, radio technology and the sports industry , CFRP and GFRP rods are used. Thanks to the innovative biocompatible carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, completely new possibilities can be opened up in medical technology . In racing and automotive construction, the CFRP and GFRP rods are already standard. Our offered fiber composite plastic rods are produced in the Pultrusion Technology manufactured. These are premium rods, which are manufactured with low tolerances to offer the best conditions for further processing. You can choose from solid rods with ground or smooth surface.