processing fiber composites

Everything from one source - according to this principle, we are constantly expanding our know-how. CG TEC is not only your reliable partner when it comes to Prepreg - winding technology, Pultrusion technology or Assembly of components, but also when it comes to the processing fiber composites .

The processing of fiber composites is complex and requires many years of know-how.

Common machining techniques include Drilling, Milling, Cutting, Painting, Turning and Bonding.




At CG TEC, we only use first-class equipment.Depending on the requirements, carbide drills or diamond-tipped drills are used.

Our carbide or diamond cutters with special geometries are perfect for precisely machining fiber composite components.With carbide cutters we achieve long service lives and thus greater economic efficiency.

With our saws and their diamond-tipped saw blades, CG TEC processes fiber composites according to customer requirements.Both small and larger quantities are cut to the right length by our team.




It's best to leave the turning of fiber composites to the professionals. Our team not only has the necessary know-how, but also the right equipment at hand.

Upon customer's request, we bond individual components to form assemblies. For the bonding of fiber composites, we use high-quality adhesives that guarantee resilient bonding on small surfaces.

Whether one component or larger quantities - thanks to our modern machinery we are able to grind rods and tubes cylindrically as well as conically. Talk to our experts.


We are happy to finish your tubes and rods with our UV-resistant clear varnish. Painting in the desired RAL color is also possible. By means of pad printing we can apply your logos or other desired inscriptions.

Do you have a question or would you like to process fiber composites yourself?

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