Innovative markets, forward-looking products.

Products from CG TEC are used in a wide range of industries.

These markets benefit from fibre composite materials

Equal and equal likes to be together. This also applies to our tubes, rods, plates and components made of carbon, glass fibre or basalt. Originally developed for aerospace technology, fibre composites today lend many areas a touch of high-tech and innovation. Technology and emotion are by no means contradictory, but form a unique symbiosis.

Especially in industries where reliability, lightness and stability play decisive roles, fibre composite has already found its way in by means of modern manufacturing processes and together with our customers, our team keeps discovering creative and exciting application possibilities.

Medical Technology

CG TEC is the market leader in the field of external fixators and flexible reamers made of carbon. Our CFRP tubes are used in cardiac massage devices, wheelchairs and also in the IO blind cane. CFRP milled parts and rotationally symmetrical components are used in MRIs, for example. We work with biocompatible raw materials and in validated processes. The advantages are also X-ray transparency and sterilizability.


Tubes made of fiber-reinforced composites (especially CFRP tubes) are being used more and more frequently in automation and robotics due to their high mechanical properties and low weight. They are suitable both for load-bearing structures in mechanics and for gripper arms of handling systems. Their excellent mechanical properties and low weight make them the optimal choice for applications where speed, precision and efficiency are required.

Sport & Leisure

Unbreakable, lightweight and resistant to aging - this is how equipment in the leisure and sports sector must be. This is now unthinkable without fiber composites. That's why innovative materials revolutionized the market for sporting goods more than 20 years ago.

Construction industry

Reinforcements made of glass, basalt and carbon fiber reinforced plastics offer many advantages over traditional steel reinforcements. Glass, basalt and carbon fibers are lightweight, corrosion resistant and resistant to moisture and chemicals. Carbon fibers offer the highest strength and stiffness. This results in the ability to design lighter precast concrete elements, thus reducing weight. The use of these materials helps make buildings and infrastructure safer and more durable.

Measurement technology

Carbon and glass fibers are not only setting forward-looking standards in Formula 1. Our high-tech materials can also be used in a very wide range of applications in the field of measurement technology: whether as thermostable instrument carriers or as styli with extremely high rigidity. To make the most of their potential, up-to-date know-how and years of experience are essential. Customers will find both at CG TEC. Round profiles made of high-modulus fibers further improve accuracy. CFRP is stiffer than steel, but significantly lighter.


Glass-fiber-reinforced plastics are resistant to aging and weathering and (depending on the fiber type) are considered chemically resistant. They possess high flexibility as well as enormous strength. In addition, glass fiber reinforced plastics offer the advantage of having an electrically insulating effect. Therefore, our individually designed GFRP tubes and telescopic systems are used in mine detectors or metal detectors.