Pultrusion technology

Pultrusion technology

Thanks to pultrusion technology - also known as the strand drawing process - fiber-reinforced profiles are produced in a wide variety of designs. The continuous process makes it possible to produce profiles from reinforcing fibers and resin systems. The components with high fiber reinforcement can be designed for versatile applications - this can be realized by combining different raw materials.

A high product variety as well as an automated and economic production of these versatile round and flat profiles are currently ensured with eight plants. For your new projects, an additional line is available for development and research purposes available.

The applications range from A for antennas to M for measuring probes to P for pointer rods. Important areas of application are model making and mechanical engineering, the Measurement technology and Medical Technology or even cable technology.

In the area of pultrusion CG TEC has a wide and varied product range: 
Round bars with diameter from 1 to 27 mm, rods with an outer diameter of up to 25 mm or flat rods from 10 to 100 mm wide with a thickness of up to 10 mm are possible. The standard products are supplemented by special designs (from 500 m).

With the Pultrusion technology CG TEC guarantees a high high quality standard "Made in Germany".

We have the right production plant for every application:

  • A pultrusion machine with open furnace section and open resin bath
    >> Here, more cost-effective products are produced technical rods made of GRP with polyester resins for in high quantities in the range of Ø 1 - Ø 27 mm.
  • Five pultrusion machines with open furnace section and open resin bath
    >> Here products with lengths over 1000 m are made on drums with Ø 1 - Ø 10 mm from CFRP, GFRP and BFRP with polyester or epoxy resins.
  • Two pultrusion machines with closed mold and open resin bath
    >> Here, high-precision solid and hollow profiles with a very high fiber volume content and smooth surface for the highest demands are produced from CFRP, GFRP and BFRP with polyester or epoxy resins.

The areas of application for these carbon fibre, glass fibre and basalt fibre rods and profiles are unlimited: They are used in the Medical Technology, in mechanical engineering, in Measurement technology or in industrial applications. Also the areas Sports, leisure and lifestyle have long since revolutionised. Almost no sports article is conceivable without fibre composites. By using additives, we can adapt the technical properties to your customer requirements. 

CG TEC is known for continuously developing products for innovative applications in cooperation with suppliers and customers.