Carbon, glass and basalt fibre reinforced plastic plates

The plates made of CFRP (carbon fibre-reinforced plastic), GFRP (glass fibre-reinforced plastic) and BFRP (basalt fibre-reinforced plastic) are manufactured using prepreg pressing technology. Prepregs are resin-impregnated fabrics or scrims. The fibre volume proportion is approx. 55 %. Epoxy resin serves as the matrix. The surface of the plates shows e.g. the typical fabric structure of carbon.


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  • CFRP
  • GFRP
  • BFRP
  • Hybrid materials (combinations of different materials)

The plates we distribute are available in standard sizes of 1100 x 700 and 3000 x 1500 mm and thicknesses of 0.3 to 10 mm. We cut special sizes according to request. 

All CG TEC platescan be further processed by milling, drilling, grinding, sawing, bonding or painting. Our experts will be happy to support you here when it comes to individual finishing options.


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Highly stable lightweight plates made of carbon, glass and basalt fibre-reinforced plastic offer enormous flexibility combined with low weight and outstanding rigidity. They also offer a sophisticated design and are easy to machine. These lightweight composite elements are manufactured using prepreg pressing technology, in which resin-impregnated fabrics or scrims are processed. The prepregs are cured under temperature and pressure. When heated, the resin becomes liquid for a short time and soaks the fibres. During curing, the materials bond over their surface. Our range includes a variety of composite plates. The range includes carbon plates in matt or high gloss as well as mouldable carbon plates and sandwich plates made of carbon. GFRP epoxy plates and coloured GFRP design plates made of the innovative material glass fibre are available. The standard range also includes CFRP hybrid plates, which have a visible fabric structure on both sides. The striking carbon design is not only extremely popular with architects and engineers from the automotive industry. Customers from model making, mechanical engineering, the furniture industry and metrology as well as from sports and leisure also appreciate the advantages of fibre composite plates. They buy CFRP plates to implement their creative ideas in an innovative way. With their properties, CFRP and GFRP plates open up new possibilities that would be unthinkable with conventional materials. You too can benefit from the advantages of the high-tech materials made of carbon fibre, glass fibre and basalt fibre and buy composite plates of the highest quality from the experienced expert.