CG TEC │ Research and development.

Fibre composite exists from innovative solutions and is always searching for creative responses to industrial demands. The road from idea to application is long. It requires a perfect interplay of various disciplines and intensive cooperation of all of the parties involved.

For this reason, our development team is closely linked to various institutes and universities. Many years of cooperation e.g. with ZFL (centre for fibre composite and lightweight construction in Haldensleben) enhance the expertise of the development team through state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and experience in the development of composite components.

Our focal areas:

  • We develop and construct customer-specific components.
  • We perform calculations on special applications and fibre configurations based on these.
  • We carry out component tests in cooperation with the university of Magdeburg as well as ZFL in Haldensleben (centre for fibre composite and lightweight construction).
  • Development and optimisation of the manufacturing processes run alongside component configuration


The centre for fibre composite and lightweight construction (ZFL) in Haldensleben is an industry-wide service provider of scientific services for fibre composite companies.

 ZFL Zentrum für Faserverbunde und Leichtbau
Haldensleben UG
Neuhaldensleber Str. 22
39340 Haldensleben

Team research & development

Michael Nehmeier

Andreas Gerstner