Rods and profile sections made of carbon, glass fibre and basalt.

Profil aus Glasfaser, Carbon oder Basalt

Our rods and profile sections made of carbon, glass fibre and basalt are manufactured using pultrusion technology – in other words, pulled. The percentage of fibres is about 55%. Epoxy resin, polyester resin or vinyl ester resin serves as a matrix. The fibres are arranged unidirectionally, which means that they run in axial direction.


Our core competency includes drilling, chamfering and recessing as well as bonding with various materials.


The standard length of a CRP rod is 2000 mm. Special lengths of up to 6000 mm are possible.

Carbon fibre reinforced rods (CRP)

Carbon rovings are pulled in an enclosed system. All fibres in the rods run in longitudinal direction. The surface of the CRP rods after the process is smooth with a tolerance of +- 0.1 mm. To achieve a tolerance of +- 0.03 mm, we machine the rods using grinding machines. From CG TEC you get:

CRP rods with HT fibre:
These rods can be produced up to a diameter of 20.0 mm and have an e-module of 125,000 MPa. A combination of different CRP fibres is possible at any time at the customer's request.

CRP rods with HM fibre:
These rods are distinguished by a very high e-module and have an extremely high level of rigidity.

Glass fibre reinforced rods & profile sections (GRP)

With the pultrusion method, glass fibres are immersed in a resin bath (primarily polyester resin) and pulled through various stations by a crawler.

Here, we pull GRP rods with a diameter of 1.0 mm to 30 mm as well as customer-specific lengths up to 6000 mm. The rods are then ground into a cylindrical or conical form on request and painted or printed as required. Line elements for signal transfer can be integrated without trouble.

GRP rod applications:

•  Aerials
•  Sporting goods
•  Riding whips
•  Golf clubs
•  Technical brushes

CG TEC produces different profile sections, such as flat, oval, rectangle and round. The surface is smooth and does not have to be machined any further. Profile sections up to a maximum cross section of 10.0 mm as well as customer-specific lengths up to 6000 mm can be produced.

GRP profile section applications:

•  Stiffening rods for cabriolet roofs
•  Filter technologies
•  Model building
•  Cable technology

Glasfaser, Basalt, Carbon Stäbe in bunden Farben
Glasfaserstäbe versand fertig verpackt von CG TEC

Endless rods made of GRP and BRP

GRP / BRP endless rods can be obtained from CG TEC with diameters of 1.0 to 10.0 mm and coiled onto drums. Diagonal or cross winding on the surface guarantees optimum strength with very high flexibility. Our core competence includes the integration of CU conductors, fibre optic cables or coaxial conductors according to individual specifications.

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