CG TEC | Enterprise for carbon, glass fibre and basalt

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CG TEC GmbH is involved in the development, production and tradeof profile sections and sheets made of CRP carbon, GRP glass fibre and BRP basalt fibre.

The areas in which products are used are diverse, ranging from plant and machine construction or robotics to automotive, defence and aerospace and further to medical technology and the chemical industry. While not forgetting: the sports, leisure and lifestyle industry.

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CG TEC Carbon und Glaserfasertechnik GmbH leads the engineering field in round profiles made of carbon and glass fibre in Germany and Europe. Our strength lies in the broad spectrum of products – from special individually made items up to large-scale series production.


„You need to be focused on the target at all times and be passionate about achieving your aims.“



the corporate company

The company was founded in 1996 in Gunzenhausen (Germany). The move to Spalt (in the Roth district) in 2006 meant a larger production site area of 3500 m².

With about 60 members of staff, the siblings Oliver and Andrea Kipf develop, produce and trade in symmetrical profile sections and sheets made of carbon, glass and basalt fibre. Martina Kipf, wife of managing director Oliver Kipf, is responsible for Carbonscout World as well as the modern online shop, in which products are offered "just in time".

From manufacturer to system provider for small sub-assemblies:
Today, the focus is also on machining fittings made from a whole range of different materials.

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